“…Get Back On.”

This is a quote from tonight’s Biggest Loser. Michael stopped on the treadmill and Bob said “What are you doing?” “I felt sick, like I was going to throw up.” “Then throw up and get back on.” (I changed the title of my blog to just the last part of the quote so no one would assume I think people should physically harm themselves in the interest of fitness.)

It made me laugh a little. Later when I was working out and I got a pang in my leg, like I didn’t stretch properly, Bob’s voice popped into my head “The stretch it out and get back on.”

It’s a good life philosophy.
– I’m sad … “Pause and get your heart right, and get back on.”
– I ate too much… “Record your food and note where you went wrong, and get back on.”
– I don’t feel like working out… “Put your shoes on and get back on.”

Fill in what you’re going through; it’s the same adage of falling off a horse and getting back on.

A command to correct the action, then a command to go.

Fix, Go. 

It’s a good thought.


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