Returning Full

So I’m back to reality, after 7 days of vacation. It was a good vacation, and I needed it, but more so, I needed what the days brought me.

It’s funny to me that we don’t realized that we are malnourished, until we get fed, both physically and emotionally. Others can see the outward signs; the subtle changes that the person in the mirror misses.

I didn’t realize the effect the lack of connection with my husband was having on me until I got to spend 5 full days with him. Oh yeah! THAT’S the guy I married, I remember you! It was a great few days and I am so thankful that I had them.

Another gift I got out of my time off was some much needed time with friends. I love all of my friends dearly, but everyone has a certain few that just mean more. At FCC we call them our 2am friends- people you can call at 2 o’clock in the morning, when life falls apart, as it’s prone to, and just cry. They are the same people who, at the end of the day, you always think about and hope for the best for them. They are the people you say “Anything you need” and you mean it.

I’m so very blessed to have people like this, and more so that I got to spend my down time with them. They “get” me, and I like to think that I “get” them. I was so very excited to get to spend time with them, but to also have them share a part of their life with me.

Not many of us take the time to acknowledge the surroundings that we have as uniquely ours. The places we frequent, the friends we spend time with, the “minutia”, are all a part of what define us, or at the very least, give an indicator of what we are about.

I got to spend my weekend with 2 people I love like family. There is no replacement for that. I got emotionally fed.

So now I am back to my regularly scheduled programming, and thinking about the minutia of my own life. I know who defines me, but I’m more talking about the bits of my life that make up the jigsaw of Robin. Where do I spend my time? How do I spend my money? What do I eat? It’s all a part of me.

So, in honor of this, I raise my ShoMo (Short Mocha) to everyone, in honor of their own 2am friends, and the people that THEY are the 2am friend to.

We all need somebody to lean on.


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