I’m Being Followed

I see her everywhere!!! It’s like she’s following me… Occasionaly she’ll catch my eye in a window and smile at me like she knows me, and I mean KNOWS me.

She’s my height, but she walks a lot taller, like a more confident 5’3″. She walks with her head up; she looks people in the eye.

I see her at the places that I used to like to eat, but she’s ordering salad, instead of pizza, and I can tell she’s prepared when she walks in. She already knows what she’s ordering before she even gets there… like she planned?

Get this. I saw her at Chick-fil-A this weekend, and she wasn’t even there to eat- she was checking in to walk a 5k!!! I even heard that she finished in under 53 minutes.

Every now and then when she catches my eye she smiles and mouths to me “you’re worth it… you’re worth all of it.” I look away before she can see me cry or doubt; but something inside of me believes her.

I think I’m falling in love with her… I think I’m falling in love with me.


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