Just a Dress

Well, maybe.

I was walking through the store today when something caught my eye. (Not surprising, I can have the attention span of a gnat sometimes, and I’m good with that.) So I turn my cart around and head over to the women’s clothing section. Hanging there on the rack in front of me was this gorgeous, adorable, classy 50’s style red dress. Flipping through the sizes I get to my size, MY SIZE, MYYYYY SIIIIZE. With great joy I snatched it up and put it in my cart. I marched right over to the fitting room with pride and told the lady that I would like to try it on.

Let me digress here for a moment to point out a few things that you may not know about me…. Up until this point in time I:
1. Rarely find cute clothes in my size chilling on the rack with all the “other” sizes.
2. I never gravitate towards dresses, or the color red, for that matter.
3. I don’t try things on. It’s disheartening, time consuming, and it rarely goes well for me.

No matter. I stepped into the little room and began put the little red number on. As I’m buttoning it up and tying the bow something happens. I look into the mirror and before I know it I’m spinning and twirling like a child playing dress up. The skirt swayed back and forth with me, like Julia Robert’s dress in Runaway Bride. I sit down on the little bench in the most proper lady-like way I can think of and I just stared. I began to have a conversation with myself about the dress… talking myself into it, talking myself out of it. The young lady who checked me in to the fitting room most likely thought something was wrong, with as long as I was taking to try on a silly little dress. I didn’t care, I felt so good in that dress!

I emerged from the room with the dress in my hands.
She asked me if I was getting it, and I said no.

Wait right there, you said no??? After it made you feel so good? But why???

A few reasons… While the dress was adorable, it didn’t fit *quite* right (it was a tad bit loose), and knowing how hard I have been working I know one size smaller is well within reach. I know the dress won’t be there forever; all the more reason to try hard to get into that one size lower before it’s discontinued.

My second reason isn’t as much of a reason as a promise I had made to myself… I set goals when I started all of this, and I told myself that while I could change the prize I would award myself, I would not splurge on in-betweensies. I am 3 pounds away from my next mile marker and if I award myself now instead of then, it won’t mean as much to me when I hit it. Now, I know that line of logic isn’t the same for everyone, but I know Robin, and I know what will happen when she gets her prizes early.

How sweet it will be to put on that smaller size, and twirl in front of everyone, instead of just in front of the mirror.

Ladies, I’m sure you have had that feeling I got when I looked in the mirror and felt awesome; I felt pretty. It’s the feeling a child gets on Easter Sunday in her new party dress. It’s the feeling a teen gets when she steps out onto the steps in front of her prom date. It’s the feeling the bride gets when they open the doors and her husband to be can’t take his eyes off of her.

It’s the feeling of amazing, and I’m hooked.


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