Buttons! (Maybe TMI)

Have you ever gotten carried away with life? I don’t mean the kind of preoccupation where you just daze off for a bit (although I do that quite often, too). The type of carried away I’m talking about involves adopting habits or ways of doing things and you don’t realize what you are doing.

I’ve been chugging along with my “program” for 6 months now. There are a lot of habits that I am consciously and purposefully creating; tracking all of my food, exercising more than I ever have before, drinking lots of water, and paying attention to the needs of my body are all things that I am going very mindfully.

These habits are what will pull me through the yucky days and what will be second nature on the good ones. I am grateful for them, and proud of myself because no one made them, except me.

As wonderful as that all is, I apparently developed another habit that I didn’t realize until last night.

So I’m folding my clothes- the bane of my existence. I’m separating out the different types of tops I have (I’ve found that if you put order to chaos, it makes the undesirable a bit more manageable) and putting everything on hangers. I pull out everything to do with working out and put it aside, as it all goes in its own little drawer (no one wants to be searching for workout clothes at 4am.) I shuffle the rest of my undergarments to the side, since they belong on the other side of the room, and I’m all about saving trips.

And then I get to my pants and shorts. As I separate them and begin to fold them I start noticing a trend, and suddenly I bust up laughing. Every single pair of pants and shorts that I am folding IS STILL BUTTONED.

Now, I’m not one of those people who buttons them before they go in the wash; I pretty much take them off and they go straight into the hamper. It would appear that over the last month I have been sliding out of my bottoms without unbuttoning them! Can someone say “It’s time for new pants that fit???”

While I was at it, I slid out of my shorts and looked in the mirror and my underwear are baggie. Wow. That’s hot, Robin. I know, right?

So fast forward to later that night, I have a gift card for Kohls and one for Target and I grab a couple sizes of shorts. I threw out all of my old underwear. I found shorts that fit awesome. Keyword: FIT.

Dear Robin,
Congratulations on losing 40 pounds. I know you are very proud, and I’m proud of you, too. I’m glad you got caught up in all the healthy habits that you’ve created; that’s so great! Just please, when you are paying attention to your body, don’t just look down at the scale- look up in the mirror (it won’t break, I promise.)
Sweetie, you’ve dropped 2 pant sizes, and while we love you very much, its time to let us go and move on.
Love, Your size 22 pants (and underwear)
PS. Tell those 18’s not to get too comfy. Their day is coming soon!


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