I Went Left

There’s a trail by my house that is perfect for walking or running around. It’s a big loop with hills and zig zags and its far enough around that you can’t hardly see one side from the other. It’s perfect.

One of the things that I love most about this trail is the choice it forces me to make. It’s nearly a mile around, but not quite. When you finish one loop, it gives you an option; turn right and call it quits just shy of a mile, or turn left and start the loop again to get all the way through the mile.

I like the idea of this choice; I like to choose to finish what I start. Ideas are great, and all, but putting into practice what is in your mind, that’s another story. The thing is, right before you get to the point where you HAVE to choose, you must first ascend up a hill. It’s not until you are dead tired and at the summit that you must decide to do it all over again or stop.

In the pain and struggle, when we are the most fatigued, we have to choose to go left and finish what we start.

This trail is a great physical reminder for me of the process of healing and getting healthy. There are times where I’ll zig and zag, times when it feels good- running down hill with the breeze in my face, and times when I climb and climb and feel like I just can’t do anymore. In all of these times I need to remember to choose to keep my head in the game and to keep following the path that lays before me. Things will get better, they may get easy and they may get hard, and that’s ok as long as I move forward.

I don’t know where the trail of life will lead me some days but I know that I need to just keep choosing to go left.


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