My Legs

AKA: Accountability… the evil A word.

There are so many lifelong healthy benefits to doing life together, to being in community. Having people around you who are running after the same things in life will enrich the decisions you make. They can encourage you from a standpoint of knowing exactly what you are going through, from a position of genuine concern. They can be the best accountability partners we have, because it is reciprocal; they want the accountability returned from a place of caring.

All that being said, it is important to remember that the number one person we need to be accountable to is ourselves. At the end of the day we need to be totally honest with ourselves about the level of effort we truly put in to what we are doing. My friends’ legs aren’t attached to my body, so my friends don’t really know what amount of push I really put in. They are my legs and only I know what my limit is and if I reached it.

I’d forgotten this over the last few months. I was so caught up in my community, with folks who also had great fitness goals that I forgot myself. It wasn’t that we weren’t all on the same page- we are. I simply let scheduling issues that prevented us from doing runs and workouts together stop me from getting out there at all.
Part of my huge success in 2010 was that I didn’t wait around for people to work out with- if I didn’t hear from them by a time we agreed upon, I went out alone.

New friendships and relationships are fun and valuable, but so is my drive and fitness. If I am sticking to my guns and if I return to my fitness model from 2010 I will be in better shape, and maybe encourage them to get out on their own, as well. If it works out that we end up working out together- fantastic, but I am accountable to me, they are my legs and only I can make them go-go-go!!!


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