Identity Crisis and Class Action Law Suits

And no, neither of them is me… as far as I know.

This morning I booted up (there’s an old school term for ya!) my Wii and put in my Biggest Loser game. I decided to start another 4 week challenge and I thought that this time I would try to have Jillian as my trainer… at least she won’t call me overweight lover! So I start the work out and I notice that something isn’t right. Every other sentence was Bob talking instead of Jillian! I think she was a little confused (either that or Bob is fighting to win me back!) It made me laugh enough to get through the work out. I think the funniest part of the whole thing was that it would be Jillian giving an instruction, and then it would slip into Bob’s manly CHOP CHOP CHOP.

Anyway, onto part 2…
I received something in the mail yesterday for a Class Action Lawsuit against my mortgage company. As I was opening it, I realized that in the last couple years I have received *4* separate notifications about Class Action Lawsuits that my name was a hit for. The places/companies were varied: The company who made my MP3 Player, and old employer, a gym I used to belong to, and now my old mortgage company.
This leads me to two reasonable conclusions- the problem is with me, or the problem is with them. I’d like to think that it’s all them; they are after all the ones being sued, but oddly enough part of me wonders about my role in things.
If I had done more research, learned more about the people I was doing business with, studied their track records, maybe I would have chosen otherwise?

The same can me said for anything in my life, including my nutrition and fitness. Should I do more research, learn more about the foods that I’m consuming, study they affects they have had on people in the past? My heart votes with a resounding yes… I don’t need my body suing me for anything, and I certainly don’t need all opportunities I have missed in my life to get a notification about my wrong doings.


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