I get teary eyed. I can’t help it. This weekend I am running my second half marathon. Two and a half years ago I couldn’t walk around the block. A year ago I ran my first, barely scraping under my 3 hour goal. This year is going to be different- if I could only stop being weepy about it.

I have spent the last week going back and forth between being over confident and overwhelmed. I’m bound by two opposite ends of a very long spectrum.

My confidence is a by product of hours upon hours of training. My feeling of being overwhelmed comes from that little voice in the back of my mind that tell me people never change and that I’m… Unworthy?

That voice lies, but so does the over confident one. Neither is correct. The only truth I know is that balance will keep me going and only in that delicate place do I succeed- humble but a triumphant finisher.

I can do this.


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