Today I completed my second half marathon. That in itself is huge, and I know that, but I’m frustrated.

For the last 3 months I have trained hard, lost a few more pounds, started eating cleaner and truly expected today to be phenomenal. I had in my mind how it would go and how I would cut a half hour or more off my first half’s time.

But I didn’t. Don’t get me wrong- I still PR’d and I’m happy about that, but the thing that has me upset is ME. And for once it’s not the mental part of me, rather my body.

The race was going great until mile 6 when that familiar pain I trained so hard to avoid started to creep in. Before I knew it both of my knees felt like they had a peg jammed into them. It was all I could do to keep going forward. I stopped numerous times to do the stretches I had practiced at home, but nothing provided relief. As I continued mile after mile it got worse. At mile 11, for the first time ever, I cried while running.

Why?!? Why was my body failing me? Why now? I felt robbed. Robbed of my big bang PR and robbed of the elation I imagined it would bring.

I will continue, my ego slightly bruised, but just like I finished the race, I’ll just keep going forward- one foot in front of the other.


One thought on “Forward

  1. I so love you & your determination, your will and your drive! I’m ridiculously proud of you! It’s still a victory, you could have quit, you could have let your mind win. But you didn’t. You kept going, kept charging ahead, YOU are a winner and a damn rockstar & I can’t wait to share Dallas with you! (and of course the matching tattoos are going to kick all the ass!)

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