Ice cream and push ups

I’m trying something new.
In an effort to be a better version of myself I’ve decided that I think about food way too much. Ice cream, in particular. It seems as though that energy can be better spent doing something else, so today I decided that I would drop and do ten push ups every time I started to obsess over ice cream. I did about fifty push ups before my fiancé came over for dinner. He brought Chinese (so glad I had already eaten!) and while we were talking he told me some good news and I thought to myself that we should celebrate with… You guessed it! Ice cream! He kept talking and I begin thinking about the creamy chilly sugary sweet goodness and how awesome it would be to just have a little- not much, just a scoop. When I realized what I was doing I hopped off the couch and started doing another set of push ups. He stopped his story to ask me what the heck I was doing, so I told him.
Needless to say he struggles like I do and tonight we ended up at Baskin Robbins.

You can’t win them all

But you can get nice guns in the process of trying, right?


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