It’s a Good Day

Today I woke up focused. I woke up with my head screwed on straight.

It’s not like I wake up with my brain all over the place, it’s just that sometimes my path isn’t clear.

Today was not such a day.

Today is a good day.

I woke up minutes before my alarm, refreshed and ready to go. No coffee, no loud noises, no hot shower required. (I showered last night, don’t worry.) I went into the kitchen and made myself some breakfast, fed the dog, and the cats and went back to my room to gather my things for the day.

I had the wherewithal to pack a gym bag- to help me help myself. If my bag was in my car I could just hit the gym after work. The thought of getting so much done was exciting. The more I collected myself, the more momentum I gained.

Out the door, on my way to work.

Here I go!


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