I thought I was fine

but I’m not.

Slowly but surely I have been letting myself slip. A little gluten here, skipping a run there etc.

On my run this past weekend I found myself in a very similar situation- striking knee pain that barely allowed me to get back to the car. I made it out just fine and at 5 miles I turned around to head back, feeling utterly fantastic, like I could run all day.

But then, at mile 7, that same familiar feeling came back to me. Knee pain. Tight IT Band. Sharp. Painful. Heart breaking.

I can’t be doing this now.

I got back to the car with some pathetic run walks and while I was pleased to have my 10 miles in, I was not pleased to be feeling the way that I was. As I sat at home in my hot Epsom salt bath I had to get a reality check about my health and fitness.

Since the end of my AMAZING Whole30 I have let my standards for what good food is go, almost completely. And since Christmas and the travel that was involved with that I have let my marathon training go as well. I wasn’t putting good things in and I wasn’t putting honest effort out.

I am a freaking emotional mess.

With no one to blame but myself.

Today I plugged my food diary so far in and while I am gluten free (barely) I am hardly pulling what I would call “healthy numbers”. I have 12 miles on my calendar for my long training run this weekend, and if I don’t start nourishing my body well here asap, I am going to fall way behind, and Dallas is going to be much harder than it has to.


I have to get my good (gluten free), better (primal),best (paleo) to just be BEST.

I have to get my maybe half assed training run plus a painful long run to be a STRONG WEEK WITH A STRONG FINISH.


I’m better than this.



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