I’ve been thinking a lot the past few weeks about the evolution of my training.

I think that anyone who has been involved with walking/jogging/running etc for some time can tell you there are certain moments in their adventures where “something changed.”

I’ve had a couple of these epiphanies recently- I’m sure you have, too.


On February 3rd I ran a 5k. No big deal, right?

Evolution #1. I ran this race with some friends and I got my fastest time to date: 29:50. While this isn’t very fast by conventional standards, the reason that it’s an evolution for me, personally, is because I sprinted the entire way. According to my Garmin, my average pace was 9:30. For me, this is a sprint. I realized when I finished, the reason that this is such a big deal and so different, is because I have shifted from 5k being an endurance event to a sprint event. Wow. When I started this journey I barely could walk a 5k.


This past Friday I ran to work.

Evolution #2. My work is 13 miles away from my home. I ran what 2 years ago was the most unimaginable hurdle in my life. When I ran the Colfax Half Marathon in 2:59:16 I was in excruciating pain and swore off running all together. For 3-4 month following that race I didn’t want to train or anything. I was done. But over time my body healed and so did my mind. I ran another one a year later with similar results, pain, bruised ego, and no desire to continue. Fast forward to a week ago- I ran the 10 miles that were on my training plan, and 6 miles in I had the same pain. I pushed through and finished the run- but the difference is this: it didn’t stop me from planning out and executing my next long run.

I ran 13 miles to work and thought about what had caused me so much distress about the last run and what could have caused the knee issues that I was having again. I planned and got prepared this time and when I got to work I felt awesome. Evolution #2 for me is the mental shift from throwing in the towel to reevaluating and pushing through.


Evolution #3. This one is closely tied into the last note, about running to work. As I was completing my final mile I had the revelation that my longest training run has passed my longest race. I never would have thought that I could go one step further than a half marathon. I am astounded.


Anyway, with these 3 things that I have realized I am revived and resolved to keep pushing forward towards Dallas and with the grant I got from Girls Gone Sporty I think I am going to change my life forever.

I am an evolving work in progress.


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