Review: Bokos Sandals

Spring is here and I could NOT be happier! I feel like the weather in Colorado has had us trapped in its bipolar cycle of heat and snow. FINALLY we have a reprieve!

I knew that things had made a change for the springy side of things when I left work and the skies were pouring rain. I drove home in the torrential downpour and as I pulled in I got a call from a friend. She wanted to know if I would come along to help her with a Flat Stanley project- how fun! We were going to take him up to Buffalo Bill’s grave site and if we had time we would swing by Red Rocks Amphitheater. I agreed and went to get out of my work clothes while I waited for her to pick me up.

Sitting in my kitchen, going through my mail, I realized a package had arrived for me! It was my Bokos Sandals!  This was so exciting! (please ignore my need for a pedicure!)

Upclose Bokos


My Bokos would be perfect for today- they don’t absorb water and are super easy to clean! Here’s some more info about their story (from their website):

The Bokos Story

Bokos was created by two brothers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending time overseas, they returned to the United States with sandals styled similarly to Bokos. The unique design and material made for a durable, easy to clean, and fun to wear sandal.

The founders began wearing these sandals everywhere. Around the campsite, after mountain biking, hosting barbecues, and everything in between. Soon, friends and family (and often, strangers) started asking how they could get a pair – to wear to the beach, after a workout, or just to wear around the house.

It was then that Bokos was born.

We created Bokos for people like us, people like you. People with too much to do and not enough time.

Whether you’re a camper, cyclist, hiker, surfer, shopper, or gardener, Bokos are made to keep up. The one-piece design gives superior durability and versatility and makes Bokos easy to clean, anti-odor and anti-slip. 

From your gym bag to your camping gear, your front closet to your back porch, we’re confident that wherever your Bokos end up, they will soon become 

your new favorite sandals.

So as you can see, these were the perfect thing for me to wear out on our rainy day. I planned on puddle jumping!!!

Puddle Jumping!


We had so much fun taking pictures of Flat Phillip (the kiddo we were doing it for was named Phillip). We got him all over the park- and the great thing is that my sandals were super easy to walk around in.

When I got home that night I gave them a quick rinse and put them up for next time!

The following week I walked Lily, my in laws’ yellow lab, and I wore my sandals again. They are so versatile!

Colors of Bokos!

Some things I really like about my Bokos:

  • The cost is super low for such a durable sandal
  • The don’t smell like other rubberish type sandals (you know which ones I mean…)
  • They don’t make that horrible “flip flop” sound
  • They have enough stickiness to where I don’t slide around in them
  • They have super fun colors (although I chose black- I wear them with everything)
  • They are all one piece, so there are no straps or anything to make them tear or fall apart
  • The texture where your foot touches is ridged and feels great on me feet after a long run
  • Most of all, I love that they are comfy and light- they go with me to the gym, pool, anywhere!
  • I fully support small business!!!

My only negative with my sandals is that I should’ve ordered a 7 instead of an 8, and the only time I miss the difference is when my feet are cold- after a run when they are hot and slightly swollen they fit perfect!

If you are looking to replace your sandals from last summer (you know, the ones that smell like everything you walked in and are falling apart…) you should check out Bokos. They shipped fast and you could be in them in no time!

Sassy sandals


Please note:  I received a pair of Bokos to review on this blog- I was not compensated for the review.  All opinions are my own, as they should be :)


One thought on “Review: Bokos Sandals

  1. The new sandals sound great! I wish they had a back, though. For some reason, I cannot where any shoes that don’t have a back! They just fall off my feet!

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