Giveaway! Come on Ladies!

Hey there! So as I have mentioned before I am running in the Esprit de She (pronounced Es-pree de shee, or “Spirit of Her”) Race in Cherry Creek on July 7th.

EDS logo

I’m super pumped about this.

There is something really special about running an all ladies race. I ran the Leading Ladies half marathon in August 2012, and the vibe with these races is just so encouraging and supportive. Women can be the best cheerleaders for each other- if we are all putting our focus being awesome and positive teammates instead of competitors.

That being said- this run in July is going to ROCK!

Sunday morning, July 7th a ton of us will head down to the Cherry Creek Arts District in Denver for the Esprit de She 5k/10k. I will be participating in the 10k and our training has already begun! I believe all participants who sign up for the race are welcome to attend free training sessions with the folks over at Lifetime Fitness- but check their website for more information about that. I’ve been a member of Run Club for over a year now and I can say without hesitation that running saved my life.

There’s a ton more info on the Esprit de She website- including registration and info about the after party (what-what?!) but the reason that I am so jazzed is because they gave me some cool swag to give away! The Esprit de She is sponsored, in part, by Athleta so the winner of my raffle will receive an Esprit de She gift pack with either an Athleta visor or an Esprit de She shirt- winner’s choice!

Athleta VisorEDS Shirt


So there you have it folks! I am really freaking excited about this, and I hope that you are, too!

Let’s get this community of ladies out there on the streets.

Let’s be unstoppable!



14 thoughts on “Giveaway! Come on Ladies!

  1. I would have to say the shirt! I LOVE all women races too!! I have run the Nike Women’s 1/2 Marathon two times and it is by far my favorite race. I love athleta… I bet this race will be a blast. I frequent their free classes 🙂

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