Best Turkey Day Race- North Denver!!!

I love Thanksgiving- I always have. For me Thanksgiving always meant time with my family, no agenda, and most of all GOOD FOOD.

Four years ago, with the paradigm shift of losing my dad and finding health and fitness, I discovered another reason to love Thanksgiving- The Turkey Day 5/10k. This race is awesome. I run Redline Running’s Turkey Day (sometimes I do the 10, and sometimes the 5) because it is an amazing way to start the day THANKFUL that I can run at all. Running literally saved my life, and while my gratitude is unending, having a day where I get to celebrate that warms my heart.

Turkey Day

I get so much joy from running this race- in fact, last year I PR’d my 10k on this course:

Turkey Day 10k 2012

Turkey Day 10k 2012


The course that the race director has laid out is pretty flat and fast. The race starts at the Broomfield Commons which is fantastic because there is a ton of parking and restrooms, as it’s designed for large scale soccer tournaments. Many vendors were there early and the excitement and buzz was contagious. There is a costume contest with prizes (yay prizes!) and over the years I have seen some hilarious get-ups. I think the best was a whole family decked out like pilgrims and native Americans, and the worst was a lady who just had slabs of turkey meat stapled to her shirt (which fell off as she ran, making the run an obstacle course…) There were a ton of people at the race long before it started, and it made me so happy to see families making a day out of it. The announcers were great with letting everyone know where they should be and when, and if you’ve ever been to a race where everyone is clueless, you know how frustrating that is!

The 10k-ers start before the 5k, making the differentiation between the two courses easier to plot. Last year I ran the 10k and it was my best run to date. There was a slight incline as you run through the streets and parks of Broomfield. I found myself in a place of reflection and peace- I was cruising. All of the volunteers out on the course were friendly and helpful– they truly created an excellent environment.

Coming around the final stretch, into the park, you can see everyone there to cheer you on as you finish. This approach was epic and I was able to pick up my speed a little and finish like a champ! That picture above is the culmination of hard work and an amazing run!

As I came through the finish line I was greeted by family and friends, who didn’t mind hanging out at the commons because there was plenty for them to do while they waited. We spent some time checking out each of the vendors and seeing what they had to offer. It’s a sad trend that most vendors these days are just handing out coupons, but the vendors here had samples and could answer questions about the products. I eat gluten free, and my most favorite vendor had gluten free pancakes! LOVE!

Now, normally this is where I would peace out from a race. Redline does a fantastic raffle at the end, with tons of winners and lots of fun, so this one race gets my attention through the end. Last year they gave away so many great prizes, from cash to pies to sporting goods. It was awesome! I didn’t win anything, but the sheer excitement of all the families watching and waiting was so worth sticking around for!

The race shirts that we get are my most favorite. Two years ago we got a long sleeve tech shirt with a crazy turkey doing a cartwheel on it, and I just love it. It has a spot up near the collar bone for your headphones to come through. These are clearly running shirts made by other runners! Redline has an awesome line of running gear last year they gave the first 100 registrants arm warmers- and I adore them!

Arm Warmers

This year I’m running again; I wouldn’t miss it for the world! I hope that you will sign up and come out to run with me!!!

If you live in the northern Denver metro area, THIS is the race that you have to get to!

Gobble Gobble! I’mma gitchoo, turkey!!! 


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