Pruning the Roses

As I look down at my hands and see the cuts and scars all over them, I think not only of the tasks of this weekend, but also of the task of refining ourselves.

I know that sounds a bit cryptic, but hear me out.

I am not a horticulturist. I do not have a green thumb. Most things, aside from myself and my pets, die despite my feeble attempts to keep them going.

Yes, somehow, the rosebush that I planted in front of my house 7 year ago still lives. Somehow, not unlike my poor body, it has put up with the elements and lack of concern like a champ. The only thing that could make it better, I decided, was to trim it back.

The rosebush has branches and twigs that are no longer living, and other parts that are thriving. So I grabbed my little pruning scissors and set my mind to take care of business. It should be easy, right? Cut the dead parts so the green can get water?

Within 5 minutes I had long cuts along my hands. The rosebush was fighting back. I wasn’t going to be put off this time, I decided, and after donning some heavy duty gloves I continued my task. After half an hour or so of pruning and trimming, what stood before me was green and vibrant. It was alive!

As I stood there marveling at my hard work, dabbing at the cuts all over my hands, I was thinking a lot about how pruning my rosebush was a lot like pruning myself.

So often I come up against the same obstacles as I did today. The work is hard, and at first, I don’t see any progress. It’s painful and leaves scars on me. But, the reward, oh the reward is great. Hard work, blood sweat and tears, patience, good food and water, are all things that keep my rosebush looking its best and living the healthiest that it can, are all things that I can relate to.

Getting up at 5:30 in the morning is hard.

The calluses and scrapes left on me are painful.

The sore muscles leave me wondering why I bother.

The miles I put in and the pounds I move are painstaking and time consuming.

But the reward comes when I blossom, grow, and shine.

Double Knockout Rose

I will continue my hard work, both in keeping my beautiful rosebush healthy and my mind body and spirit the same.


One thought on “Pruning the Roses

  1. hey, Hammi. I;m just not getting around to checking out your blog.

    that’s a beautiful metaphor, btw.

    though unrelated, the only plant I’ve ever kept alive has been an aloe vera. I even managed to kill a catcus in southern Louisiana. O_o

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