Review: Pure LYFT Energy Stir Stick

Hey everyone!

After my crazy long weekend of working all night Friday, driving to the airport to get my mom, waking up early Saturday to drive 7 hours to Kansas, driving back home Sunday, and then running the Bolder Boulder Monday, I am officially wiped out.

Where did my college youth go?

I decided that since I am dragging, and I already had a couple cups of coffee this morning, I would use this opportunity to sample the Pure LYFT energy stir stick that I was given to try.

Lyft is advertised as a”clean caffeine” that you mix into any beverage. It has 0 calories and is made from green coffee bean extract.

My first note about this product, is that I really wish it had a different name. Not because it isn’t accurate to the product’s desired outcome- rather, it has the same name as a new ride-share company that keeps popping up on my Twitter and Facebook feeds. Am I getting clean caffeine, or am I getting a ride downtown? Confusing.

Anyways, back to the review. I am currently still doing Carb Nite (where I cycle my carbs weekly) so the only things that I am currently drinking are water, coffee, and iced tea. Using this product in coffee or tea doesn’t really make much sense, so I opted to try it in a glass of water.

The product came in a 2 pack (although I’m not sure what retail packaging would be like?)

I took out one of the stir sticks:

Lyft Stir Stick


The package says to open it over your beverage, and as I started to do so, I noticed why. The stick is actually a prism with tiny holes towards the bottom where the powder comes out. Luckily, I had my glass of water ready and slid it open.

After a few seconds of stirring I realized that not all of the powder had come out, and there was still some left in the tiny holes. I gave it another good swirl, and then dipped it in and out of the water. That seemed to do the trick and before long, all of the powder was mixed into the water.



My thoughts on the taste- it’s not as tasteless as I was hoping, but it was pretty close. I would describe the after taste to be something like a hint of artificial sweetener. I think this product would’ve been better if I had iced the water and maybe added a little fresh lemon. I do feel a pick me up, but it’s not drastic like those terrible pills they used to make that made your heart race (You know, the ones they had to pull off the market? Yeah, those.) I feel refreshed, and given how I was feeling earlier this afternoon, I’ll take it.

Some suggestions that I would make, if I were producing this item:

  • Have a flavor option for those who want to have it in water. Even if it’s just a hint of lemon or lime, I think that would’ve been more appealing.
  • Have them come on a flat stick instead of in a tube (I don’t even know if this is possible, it just felt wasteful to throw the plastic out)


I would have to give this a thumbs up. These are each individually wrapped and I think that I could throw one in my purse (or in today’s case, my lunch bag) and not worry about them getting damaged or destroyed.


Please note:  I received a free sample of Lyft to review on this blog- I was not compensated for the review.  All opinions are my own, as they should be :)


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