PREVIEW: Area13.1 Half Marathon ($10 off!)

When I was in high school I was the proud owner of the first ticket sold to “X-Files” for our local theater. I was obsessed with aliens- I had glow in the dark alien stickers all over everything I owned and I was fascinated with outer space.

A lot of time has passed since then, I have grown and changed, but in the back of my mind I still consider the possibility that something is out there…

Last fall my friend and I used a sweet Groupon to sign up for the Area 13.1 down in Castle Rock, CO. I was still in my “I love running!” mode and was super jazzed about this fun race. We trained a lot, bought glow in the dark things (shoe laces!), and got our outfits ready to go.

Then the unthinkable happened- Colorado was struck with the worst flooding in ages and every tv station we turned to was filled with Emergency Alert System warnings. We watched all week as water poured out of the sky, people’s homes and lives were lost, entire towns disappeared. The Saturday of our race we made the tough call to stay home and not make the drive south for the race. It was just too dangerous.

This was the first time I had ever NOT participated in a race that I was registered for. It has bugged me ever since.

You can imagine my joy when I caught wind that the race was going to be held again this year! YES! REDEMPTION!

The only problem? That I love running! bug went away and I have been lifting, Spartan-ing, and GORUCKing…. Until last week. Watching people out in the sun, getting some miles, enjoying life appears to have brought my bug back to life. I still am a firm believer that lifting heavy and walking are the key to my goals, but there is something that I can’t deny about the way my heart feels when I run. It’s life giving for me. So, here we go again!


THE RACE!!! (Click here to sign up!!!)

Area 13.1 (there is also a 5k option) will be held Saturday September 6th in Castle Rock CO at 5:30pm (7pm for the 5k)

It is a nationwide Half Marathon/5K Series originating in Roswell, Georgia. This is a night race; seriously when have you ever heard of aliens invading during the day?

All runners will receive an “out of this world” extraterrestrial-friendly shirt and if needed have your choice of glow-in-the-dark tools to ward off those pesky aliens that might be hiding along the course.


The AREA 13.1 Half Marathon/5K race was created to honor the life of Matthew E Russell, who passed away at the age of 22. Matthew had a passion to bring education and hope to the Zulu people of South Africa. His foundation supports the building of libraries and furthering higher education for children around the world.

The Invaders are coming. Will you escape? 


I hope you’ll consider joining me for this one- it’s going to be such a blast!!!

If you are interested in getting $10 off simply use the code: ALIENBLOG at check out!

See you there!!!!!


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