New Ink: Rescued

I got a new tattoo Monday. It was a long process, thinking about what I wanted it to say/be. For a long time I have wanted the “i refuse to sink” with an anchor on it. Then, I started to think more about this- an anchor sinks. Wouldn’t that be contradictory to what I was getting at? Then I thought “oh! I could do a life preserver” but I hated all of the images of life preservers that I saw.

Finally, I decided that I needed to think about why I wanted it. I believe that tattoos should reflect what’s on the inside. A big part of that, for me, is the spirit of being rescued. I was saved, at just the right moment in my life. One night, in my college apartment, I sat on the floor and made a deal with God, who I wasn’t even sure at the time I believed in. I told Him I needed him to save me and pull me out of my darkness, because I was done and didn’t want to do it anymore. I was isolated and at the end of my rope. The overwhelming peace that I found that night surpassed my understanding. For the longest time I lived my life feeling like I was laying on the ocean floor being crushed, and now I feel like I have been swept up and pulled to shore. Things haven’t been sunshine and roses, but they have a layer of hope that wan’t there before, and a spirit of joy inside my heart.

Monday I got a new tattoo- an outward sign of an inward acknowledgement of my salvation.

One simple word in Hebrew- rescued:



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