It’s ok to call it a comeback. 

…come back to center…

…back to reality…

…back to action. 

Yeah, I think it’s ok to call it a comeback. 

I bought myself a new journal (I got into bullet-journaling or “bujo-ing” a few months ago) and just couldn’t wait until 2017 to start using it. 

I think there might be something inside of each of us that gently nudges and says that it’s time to move on from where we are. 

I’m a new mom technically, but tinybaby is a toddler. Still tiny, but growing some freedom. And in the same turn telling me to do the same.

No more reminiscing about what was. 

I’m ready for the new normal. 

I understand there will be less sleep and more flexibility required of me. I’m ok with that- finally. 

Some things I’m about to focus on:

  1. Walking like a vagabond 
  2. Preparing for Whole30 followed by AltShift– reading, planning, clearing out the kitchen
  3. Lifting
  4. Simplifying our house- small space means we get creative, right?
  5. Focusing on identifying my own needs and finding balance

I’m ready to go, I think. I feel like I’ve said this before, but I think now I can really mean it. 

Join the Rebellion!!!

2016 is going to be epic. I know I’ve said that before, most recently about 2015, but I had no idea the curveball life would throw me THIS PAST YEAR. No sooner than I had made my awesome list of things to accomplish in 2015 than I got the best news ever- I was expecting. Finally, after 2 years of pushing hard to get healthy and wanting to be a mom, it was happening. Wish: granted- life: altered. Needless to say, most of 2015 was spent taking care of myself by walking and eating right, so that my baby would grow and thrive and in September I gave birth to the most awesome kid on the planet. We call him Bacon Bits.
When I first started reading the articles and participating in challenges on Nerd Fitness, my life looked very different than it does today. Not only was I constantly stumbling and backsliding with my goals, I was also trying to do it all alone. Before long however, I had developed an amazing network of supporters, cheerleaders, and friends. Legit friends, who had my back and who loved me well enough to speak truth when I needed to hear it. These people are my most favorite thing about the Rebellion.

Without the support and advice I get from others who have been where I am, I don’t know that I would be as healthy as I am right now- which also means that I don’t know if I would have my son. The impact of having positive folks in your life, like the Rebels in mine, is invaluable. They encouraged me to try new things, like lifting, running, rucking and those things have changed me for the better- I’m not exaggerating.

Listen, if you’re not happy with where you are, and you feel stuck in a rut, you need to check out Nerd Fitness and see what could possibly lie ahead for you. Read success stories. Learn about other types of fitness. Consider alternatives to your same old, same old. But, whatever you do, do NOT accept the boring, stagnant, discontent lies you’ve told yourself.

This year is going to be epic, I’ll say it again. I plan on completing a GORUCK challenge. I plan on slashing a few more 14ers off my hiking wish list. And most of all, I plan on getting out there and feeling alive- for my son, for myself, FOR THE REBELLION. You should, too! #JOINTHEREBELLION

Spring into a Fresh Start

I love spring. I’m not going to lie. Everything about this time of year makes me happy- from the cool mornings to the sunny afternoons, to the clear evenings. Most of all, I love doing fitness outside.

With spring comes new change, growth, and excitement- and I’m not just talking about outside. I’m talking about what’s INSIDE of me.

It seems to me that in the spring I land on new fresh goals for the year, not in January like most people. Spring revives me and ignites a desire to be and do more.

This spring I am training, still for the Spartan Race (May 4th) and the GORUCK Light (June 7th). I also have a slew of mountains (specifically 14ers) on my radar for this year. It’s funny because in addition to all of this outward stuff, I feel like I am internally focused as well. I am still tweaking my nutrition, trying to find my optimal diet (noun, not verb) and in doing so I am learning a lot about my body. This thing I have been living in for 31 years never ceases to amaze me.

My plan for the next 6 weeks, as we spring into a fresh start (taken from my 6 week challenge on Nerd Fitness here) is as follows:

Training– I am using the Spartan Boot camp 31 day training plan. Some days are plyometrics and sprints, other days are long slow runs. There are hills, stretching, and weights. All of this is designed to get me in the optimal shape for the gun that I am staring down the barrel of that is the Spartan Military Sprint in Colorado Springs.

Water– I have lost sight of my water consumption and it’s starting to manifest in my workouts and runs. With the warmer months and huge amounts of hiking, I need to get back to basics!

Joes– This is a really weird goal, but there is an amazing group of people that I envy. They are a part of It Burns Joe Fitness, a free workout offered at Red Rocks. Whenever I am there doing my haphazard Goruck training, I watch them, wanting to be them. They work hard and look like they are having the best time. I am going to make an effort to try it out at least once, and potentially 3 times to see if I can hang with the cool kids and if it helps me get to my goals!

Blog– Last but not least, I am going to make an effort to touch base here once a week, and post about how I am doing with my goals, what challenges I have had, and what I am doing to get through them. Maybe I’ll even throw out a giveaway! You never know!

I hope that this spring is as much of a game changer for you as I am planning on it being for me!!!

Quickie 28Dec13

Happy Saturday! This morning I am on the way to Anytime to get my squat on. My goal of getting a pull up by March 31 involves me working on all of my strength training as well as some cardio, because frankly I love it. I also am working on dropping a few more pounds from the 100 or so I’ve already bagged.

A pull up is a body weight exercise. So, by being lighter it should be easier to accomplish. Less weight to move = easier movement!

So, off I go to the gym. No sense in waiting until 2014. I never really believed in the power of a set day resolution. Resolve right now to run after your dreams. And dream big!


Adapt and Grow

As the year starts to draw to a close I figured now would be a good time to update on where I’ve been and where I’m headed.

Up until this fall I would’ve classified myself as an endurance athlete. I love running, and that was where all of my focus and energy was spent. But, ever since my full marathon in April, my passion seemed zapped. I still did some races, but the “fun run” part of my training just wasn’t there. In addition, I left my gym that had a run club, and switched to one next to my work to help save money.
Around the same time I started listening to more podcasts about training and fitness- I think I was looking for something to get me going and unstick me. In one of the paleo podcasts I listen to a trainer was being interviewed and was talking about the women he trains. He was explaining that you can only serve one master in the gym, and it hit me. I wanted the results of someone who strength trains, but I was doing the work of an endurance athlete.

In October I made a conscious decision to start strength training, and only do a couple fun run races. As a part of the Nerd Fitness Academy I had access to the workouts, and chose the Barbell Battalion to start my training.

Many ladies will attest, moving to the free weights section of the gym can be a scary thing, so I enlisted the help of my best friend, who was also a runner and wanting to get strong. We started small, not even using the bar, and opting for the lighter preset weight bars. Over the past 8 weeks we have worked our way up to some great PRs and we are both growing and learning


2014 Planning
So with my weight workouts doing well I have a few things on my plate that I’m excited about for 2014.

First, I have been selected to be a Girls Gone Sporty Goal Getter. Over the course of the first quarter of 2014, I will be working towards getting my first pull up! Never in my life have I ever done one and until I started my NFA workouts, I couldn’t even hang on a bar. Two days a week I have hanging knee tucks on my training plan, so my grip strength has improved greatly! Starting January 1st, I will be sharing with the world (eep!) my progress!

So far, I can at least hang and bend my arms! Hooray!

(I will add a YouTube link, as soon as I can make it work!)

Next, in May I will be participating in a Spartan Sprint in Colorado Springs. I won this entry from Amanda at Mommy Go Run. My best friend won one as well! We are super excited to get to try this together!

Lastly, a bunch of us are training to do a Go Ruck Light in June! This will involve being a part of a team training that lasts 7 hours or so. We train with a backpack full of bricks, that we’ve wrapped carefully…
Here are mine:


So, that’s where I’m at, with some great goals for 2014! I’m super excited to get going!


Phenomenal Pumpkin Chili

Let’s clear the air, friends. I don’t like to eat veggies. I could blame it on my mom, who managed a fast food restaurant my whole life, but in my heart I know it’s my own dang fault.

All that being said- last night I ate my veggies. They were in the form of chili, but normally I pick around the pieces I don’t want and leave the sad remnants of what could’ve been a nutritious meal in the bowl to feed to the disposal.

Not last night. I ate ALL of it. Twice.

So here you go, the best chili I have ever had (and like any good recipe, it was passed down from a friend who got it from another person who got it from someone else and so on….)

Seriously, so easy. Make it. Eat it. Love it.

Pumpkin Chili

1 lb ground turkey
1 lb hot Italian sausage (I used a sweet Italian sausage)
1 29 oz canned pumpkin
1 14 oz canned tomatoes with green chiles, drained
1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
1 green pepper
1 yellow pepper (I doubled the green and skipped the yellow. Yellow is expensive.)
1 medium onion (I used a white one)
1 tbsp olive oil
3 cloves garlic
1 tbsp chili powder
salt/pepper to taste
Step 1: Saute garlic, peppers and onion in olive oil in large pot.
Ooo pretty colors!

Ooo pretty colors!


Step 2: Add both meats and cook until they brown. Add the salt and pepper to make it yummy.

Ooo meat!

Oooh, meat!


Step 3: Add remaining ingredients, stir to incorporate, and simmer for 30 minutes.




So there you have it my friends. The day Robin ate her vegetables, brought to you by her friends from Nerd Fitness.

My First 14er(s)

This past weekend I accomplished a goal that I never would’ve believed would be possible- I summited my first two 14ers. For those of you unfamiliar with 14ers, these are mountains where the summit is over 14,000 feet above sea level. They are tough, time consuming, and slightly dangerous. And they are now crossed off my Epic Quest.

This past Sunday my husband and I got up at 3am (ouch) to catch a ride w my BFF and her sister to the trailhead for Grays and Torreys.

The road leading up to the trail head was long and would’ve been impossible to navigate if we hadn’t been in a 4 wheel drive jeep. In the parking lot, even at that crazy early hour of the morning, there were just a few spots left. There was another group of folks heading up right before us, so the place seemed very active.

We suited up with our hydration packs and warm clothes and took off towards the trail. As we hiked along a small slow incline I made the mistake of thinking “this isn’t so bad!” Little did I know we hadn’t even started to ascend the mountain.

We passed some folks who were coming down the mountain and they told us that they had started at 1 am because the super moon made the trail so bright that they didn’t even need their head lamps- the moon was huge.

Anyhow, after about a mile and a half we finally reached the sign with the info about the 14ers we were about to go up against. Grays was 2 miles from where we were and would reach a height of 14,270 ft. Torreys was listed as a little further and 14,267 ft (which was weird because it looked taller from where we stood.)

We stopped for a couple pictures then began the serious part of the hike.


We passed by a small lake that was crystal clear which was cool- it was formed by the run off from GT! After the lake we started vertical ascension.


There were parts of the mountain that were easy to hike up, and other parts were still covered with snow and ice. Some places were only 6 inches wide or had no path whatsoever- there were just some cairns indicating that we were still on the right track.

As we went higher and higher the summit, which looked empty, was getting closer and I realized it wasn’t vacated- it was just so high and far away that I couldn’t see the people! They were tiny!!!

Higher and higher it was getting harder to breathe. We would walk about 10 yards and stop to catch our breaths. We did the over and over, slowly going up the side of Grays.

Finally, about 4 hours later we summited Grays Peak. I got to the top and I felt like I could see all of Colorado, it was phenomenal. I took a bunch of pictures because none of them could capture what my eyes were seeing.


I looked all over the top for the Geo Marker, with no luck. Someone told me that people frequently steal them, so instead of getting a picture of that, I got a picture of myself holding the summit log. That will have to be good enough.

Another hiker offered us some watermelon and I munched on that for a bit before parking behind a rock to dig into my own lunch. The wind had picked up in a big way a few yards (vertically) before the summit, so even though I had added my compression sleeves, the wind was biting. Sitting behind a rock was perfect to block the wind. For my lunch I had a sandwich with gluten free bread, almond butter and jam. I also ate some fruit leather and a little jerky. I wanted to save the rest for our break on Torreys.

It’s funny, as we were about 3 hours into the hike we had passed someone and I asked how far we were from summit and he said we had about an hour yet. I was so pissed I swore and told my hubby and friend that I didn’t think I wanted to continue on to Torreys. I was over it. But sitting on top of Grays changed my mind. This was amazing and I could get used to it.


After a nice half hour break we decided to make our way over to Torreys. In order to get over there we had to descend a bit to something called the saddle. The descent off of Grays was all shale and we practically slid down the side. It was rough but fast. We trudged along the saddle and approached the side of Torreys.

Torreys is technically shorter than Grays, but the side from the saddle to the summit was ridiculously steep and very tough to navigate. There were a lot of folks coming down and the path was just a few inches wide, if we could see it at all. The steep nature of the side made it so that we would hike about 4-5 yards at a time before we needed a break.

Slowly but surely, one foot in front of the other, we made it to the top. I grabbed the summit log and added our names to it with the comment “ouch.” Coming up Torreys had revealed that I had some major knee pain developing. It was in the same realm as the knee pain I had in my two half marathons except on the inside of the knee. Each time I picked up my foot to continue the upward climb pain would shoot through my entire body. Ouch seemed appropriate.


We sat on top of Torreys and marveled at the sight again. I could see Longs Peak from where I sat. I ate the rest of my lunch, carrots, jerky, chocolate, and fruit leather and drank a ton of water. After a few more pictures we decided it was time to descend, before the storms rolled in.

Getting down from Torreys was pretty easy until we got to the saddle. Our options from there were to re-ascend the shale covered side of Grays or cross down the side of it. Now, in the summer I’m sure this is a no brainer, but on this day that cut across was covered in snow. Slick slippery snow- and the path was less than a foot wide. That trek was the single most terrifying part of the hike. Even in my new hiking shoes I slipped and caught myself about every other step. I couldn’t look away from my feet for fear or losing my composure.

After what seemed like forever we caught a break from the snow and were back on a rock path. The path was still very narrow but it was easier to navigate. Behind us we watched some folks who had pick axes sit on their bottoms and put the ax in the snow above their heads and slide down. The descent that was going to take us about 2 hours took them less than 2 minutes.

Being that we were ax-less, we continued walking. We passed by some folks with an injured pup (lots of people had experienced dogs with them- I was impressed). This pup had cut his paw on a rock in the saddle and his owner was trying everything to protect it. We let her know that if she needed help carrying him down we were happy to help. She said she was good but thank you so much and we continued on our way.

We each took turns falling as we were fatigued and getting sloppy, but the worst was for my husband. He slipped on a rock and tucked under, narrowly missing hitting his skull on the boulder. Instead, he whacked into it with his ribs. Writing this now, 3 days later, he is in a ton of pain still and possibly has broken ribs. Word to the wise: hiking is very dangerous and should always be approached with caution.

Slowly we made our way back down, past the clear lake and to the trail head. Looking over my shoulder I just couldn’t believe that we had actually done it and that I had been on top of those mountains that were so far away you couldn’t even see people on them. Crazy.

While I am still in so much pain (my calves are killing me!) I wouldn’t change it for the world and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to tackle this amazing adventure.