Asbestos Gelos

Its Greek. I got the term asbestos gelos out of a book by Robert Fulghum called “What on Earth Have I Done?”. For so long I have searched for just the right phrase to not only sum up the persona that I carry with me most every day but to accurately and succinctly describe my spirit; to definitively define the way I see me.

It can be so hard to share the intimate details of what goes on in your heart and mind, especially if you can’t find the right words.

I believe that I have found the perfect phrase to explain myself. Asbestos Gelos. Unquenchable Laughter; Fireproof laughter. Or better put: “He who laughs, lasts.”

This by no means signifies that I spend every waking hour busting at the seams with giggles and smiles, rather that inside my heart there is an ever running stream of joy. On the outside, at times, I may appear to be defeated, but on the inside, even in my sadness, I have joy. And no one can steal that from me.