Oyster The Race

The Oyster… Yes.


I have been waiting for this all my life.

Ok, I might be exaggerating a little bit, but when Laura from Girls Gone Sporty asked me if I wanted to throw together a team for the Oyster race I about jumped out of my seat.

Those of you who are from Denver, where The Oyster started, may already know about this amazing event (it really is a spectacle…) but for those of you who aren’t from around here, you should probably watch this:

Ok. How cool is that? And even better, Girls Gone Sporty is one of the sponsors this year!

My team is The Bacon and Legs and we are Myself, B (my hubby), and P (my friend). Biking, running, and who knows what else-ing!

(Here’s our shirt…)

Oyster is an Urban Adventure Race, meaning:

Urban – in the city, downtown, no streets blocked off.
Adventure – top secret course, clues to find destinations, multiple disciplines (running, biking, & perhaps paddling, climbing etc.)
Race – it’s competitive! Courses range from 10-30 miles so you better bring your endurance.

The Denver Oyster is on August 24th and there is still time to enter- you can do a half oyster, or grow a pair and do the full! Also, the Denver Oyster is raising money for Make a Wish. (That’s a link to our team page)

TheSan Francisco Oyster is on September 28th.

If you are up for a challenge and want to try something new- you need to check this out.

And who wouldn’t want to get a super sweet cowbell for finishing?!