I thought I was fine

but I’m not.

Slowly but surely I have been letting myself slip. A little gluten here, skipping a run there etc.

On my run this past weekend I found myself in a very similar situation- striking knee pain that barely allowed me to get back to the car. I made it out just fine and at 5 miles I turned around to head back, feeling utterly fantastic, like I could run all day.

But then, at mile 7, that same familiar feeling came back to me. Knee pain. Tight IT Band. Sharp. Painful. Heart breaking.

I can’t be doing this now.

I got back to the car with some pathetic run walks and while I was pleased to have my 10 miles in, I was not pleased to be feeling the way that I was. As I sat at home in my hot Epsom salt bath I had to get a reality check about my health and fitness.

Since the end of my AMAZING Whole30 I have let my standards for what good food is go, almost completely. And since Christmas and the travel that was involved with that I have let my marathon training go as well. I wasn’t putting good things in and I wasn’t putting honest effort out.

I am a freaking emotional mess.

With no one to blame but myself.

Today I plugged my food diary so far in and while I am gluten free (barely) I am hardly pulling what I would call “healthy numbers”. I have 12 miles on my calendar for my long training run this weekend, and if I don’t start nourishing my body well here asap, I am going to fall way behind, and Dallas is going to be much harder than it has to.


I have to get my good (gluten free), better (primal),best (paleo) to just be BEST.

I have to get my maybe half assed training run plus a painful long run to be a STRONG WEEK WITH A STRONG FINISH.


I’m better than this.



Slow down, sister!

I’m sick. Yes, I knew it was going around- I tried to avoid it, really! I Cloroxed everything! But, alas it found me.

I should have known something was not normal when I got dizzy and about threw up running 5k on the treadmill.

(Side note- since when is 5k a nothing maintenance run? Super awesome!)

As I got off the treadmill I knew something was wrong.


I’m sick. Sigh- I don’t have time for this. (Does anyone, really?)

After much hemming and hawing I decided to take Monday off from any kind of activity, and yesterday, instead of running with the Lifetime Run Club, I walked. (2.5 miles is still 2.5 miles…)

While I missed getting my run in, it was actually kind of nice to be all bundled up and check out the beautiful displays on our Christmas light Run.

Below is the house we chose as “most awesome”- incidentally, the owner came outside and he was recognized as a member of the Lifetime Cycle Club. His name was Joe. Joe knows how to do lights right. 🙂

Holly and I pose in front of Cycle Joe’s house

So anyway, I won’t run tonight either, and with the help of Zicam, I’m hoping to right this ship and be back in training Thursday.

Where do you draw the line when you’re sick?

What’s your “threshold” for staying in and getting better versus pushing through?