Review: Ripped Cream Coffee Creamer

I love coffee. I wouldn’t say I’m addicted… (sign #1 that you are?) but I do like it very much. I love drinking it on my drive to work in the morning and having it be something warm and yummy. The problem is that I can’t/won’t drink it black. I’m sorry (not really) but I just don’t want to.

When I did the Whole30 at the end of last year I gave it up cold turkey. I didn’t get headaches or anything like that- what I missed the most was this ritual I had created and enjoyed.

I had the sad.

Anyhow, one thing I learned from doing Whole30 is that my body does not like milk products (or gluten for that matter). The effects that I’ve always just dealt with were unpleasant to say the least and went away when I omitted dairy (and gluten) from my diet. After Whole30 as I was reintroducing things one at a time and got to dairy it became glaringly obvious that should I choose to continue consuming dairy products I would knowingly be choosing the effects that they had on my body. Chocolate milk. Ice cream. Cheese. All of it. For me to consume dairy, it really had to be “worth it”.


With reluctance, I decided that I really ought to cut back. The easiest way for me to scale back my dairy consumption would be to eliminate my creamer- being the one thing I consumed daily. Crap.

I tried drinking tea with honey for a while, but it just wasn’t the same.

Then, I found Ripped Cream– I swear choirs of angels sang.

Ripped Creamer

While Ripped Cream is not a dairy free product (it does contain milk proteins) their formula is gentle on my system and for me does not carry the same side effects that creamer or half and half do. I’m not sure why- it just is my reality. Also, the added protein is something that I was desperately in need of! I was so happy to have an option with the great taste that I loved from other creamers in a form that didn’t upset my tummy. Then I found out it had added protein. Yes. This must be a part of my diet. 

The creamer came really fast in the mail and I was back in my routine before I knew it! I made my first cup the day I got it and was impressed. The flavor that I chose was Lean Vanilla Bean and it was spot on. I only used 1 tablespoon in my cup and it was the perfect amount. (My husband still uses our old creamer, and he accidentally took mine one day, and couldn’t taste a difference!)


Here’s some awesome info about Ripped Coffee Creamer from their website:

Ripped Cream is a high-protein, all-natural, gluten-free coffee creamer enriched with vitamin D3 and 11 amino acids. Ripped Cream is made with simple and healthy natural ingredients that follow the stringent guidelines of Whole Foods.

Each serving of Ripped Cream contains as much protein as an egg!

75% of U.S. teens and adults are deficient in vitamin D, the so-called “sunshine vitamin” whose deficits are increasingly blamed for everything from cancer to heart disease to diabetes, according to new research. Each serving of Ripped Cream contains 50% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin D3.

I can’t tell you guys how nice it is to have Ripped Cream in my pantry. Seriously.

You can buy it online (lots of sites will have it on special now and then) or in store that carry high quality/ high nutrition products.

If you are looking for a gluten free, high protein option to replace your regular creamer in the mornings you really need to get your hands on some of this.


Please note:  I received a sample of Ripped Coffee Creamer: Lean Vanilla Bean to review on this blog- I was not compensated for the review.  All opinions are my own, as they should be :)


Review: Bokos Sandals

Spring is here and I could NOT be happier! I feel like the weather in Colorado has had us trapped in its bipolar cycle of heat and snow. FINALLY we have a reprieve!

I knew that things had made a change for the springy side of things when I left work and the skies were pouring rain. I drove home in the torrential downpour and as I pulled in I got a call from a friend. She wanted to know if I would come along to help her with a Flat Stanley project- how fun! We were going to take him up to Buffalo Bill’s grave site and if we had time we would swing by Red Rocks Amphitheater. I agreed and went to get out of my work clothes while I waited for her to pick me up.

Sitting in my kitchen, going through my mail, I realized a package had arrived for me! It was my Bokos Sandals!  This was so exciting! (please ignore my need for a pedicure!)

Upclose Bokos


My Bokos would be perfect for today- they don’t absorb water and are super easy to clean! Here’s some more info about their story (from their website):

The Bokos Story

Bokos was created by two brothers from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending time overseas, they returned to the United States with sandals styled similarly to Bokos. The unique design and material made for a durable, easy to clean, and fun to wear sandal.

The founders began wearing these sandals everywhere. Around the campsite, after mountain biking, hosting barbecues, and everything in between. Soon, friends and family (and often, strangers) started asking how they could get a pair – to wear to the beach, after a workout, or just to wear around the house.

It was then that Bokos was born.

We created Bokos for people like us, people like you. People with too much to do and not enough time.

Whether you’re a camper, cyclist, hiker, surfer, shopper, or gardener, Bokos are made to keep up. The one-piece design gives superior durability and versatility and makes Bokos easy to clean, anti-odor and anti-slip. 

From your gym bag to your camping gear, your front closet to your back porch, we’re confident that wherever your Bokos end up, they will soon become 

your new favorite sandals.

So as you can see, these were the perfect thing for me to wear out on our rainy day. I planned on puddle jumping!!!

Puddle Jumping!


We had so much fun taking pictures of Flat Phillip (the kiddo we were doing it for was named Phillip). We got him all over the park- and the great thing is that my sandals were super easy to walk around in.

When I got home that night I gave them a quick rinse and put them up for next time!

The following week I walked Lily, my in laws’ yellow lab, and I wore my sandals again. They are so versatile!

Colors of Bokos!

Some things I really like about my Bokos:

  • The cost is super low for such a durable sandal
  • The don’t smell like other rubberish type sandals (you know which ones I mean…)
  • They don’t make that horrible “flip flop” sound
  • They have enough stickiness to where I don’t slide around in them
  • They have super fun colors (although I chose black- I wear them with everything)
  • They are all one piece, so there are no straps or anything to make them tear or fall apart
  • The texture where your foot touches is ridged and feels great on me feet after a long run
  • Most of all, I love that they are comfy and light- they go with me to the gym, pool, anywhere!
  • I fully support small business!!!

My only negative with my sandals is that I should’ve ordered a 7 instead of an 8, and the only time I miss the difference is when my feet are cold- after a run when they are hot and slightly swollen they fit perfect!

If you are looking to replace your sandals from last summer (you know, the ones that smell like everything you walked in and are falling apart…) you should check out Bokos. They shipped fast and you could be in them in no time!

Sassy sandals


Please note:  I received a pair of Bokos to review on this blog- I was not compensated for the review.  All opinions are my own, as they should be :)

Review: ENERGYbits

Hey everyone!

Today was an awesome Mother’s Day and the one thing my mother in law wanted to do was go for a hike! I decided that this would be the perfect chance to try out my ENERGYbits.

ENERGYbits Bag and Canister

For those of you who have never heard of ENERGYbits, they are “100% organic spirulina algae. They deliver energy and endurance all for just ONE calorie per tab. Spirulina has the highest concentration of protein in the world (3 times as much as steak) which is why NASA astronauts & Olympic athletes have used it for over four decades.”

Our hike up Mesa Trail was great, but as we reached the top of our path I realized that the sun was starting to wipe me out.

I decided that I would get out the bits and try them out!

Here is what a serving of 30 bits looked like when I took them out of their handy canister:



I was a little nervous to have to take this many pieces as I usually have problems taking pills. Also, the literature that came with my ENERGYbits said that while you can chew them, they are an acquired taste and they don’t recommend chewing them the first time around. I put on my brave face, and threw about half of them in my mouth and took a huge swig from my CamelBack.

The ENERGYbits went down easy and I had zero issue with swallowing them. This was a huge plus for me, and I finished off the other half of the serving easily.

I supplemented with some mixed nuts and banana chips and we started our decent down the hill.

I felt great. Truth be told, I’ve always been a bit skeptical for supplements and what not having an immediate impact on my body. However, I felt awesome heading down the hill.

I love hiking!

I love hiking!

Being someone who tries to maintain some sort of paleo eating most of the time, these were a perfect option to have some protein in my system. I typically suffer from crabby blood sugar drop issues when I don’t eat regularly and today I didn’t experience that! It was such a refreshing change.

Here are some things (from the ENERGYbits website) that they are great for:

 ENERGYbits® Health Benefits

  • Helps improve physical energy
  • Helps improve endurance
  • Helps reduce fatigue
  • Helps speed athletic recovery
  • Helps healing from brain concussions and reduces brain fog
  • Helps build muscle
  • Helps improve mental focus and clarity
  • Helps reduce anemia
  • Helps reduce blood pressure
  • Helps reduce cholesterol
  • Helps balance blood sugar
  • Provides natural nitric oxide
  • Provides most daily nutritional needs, especially greens
  • Provides high quality protein and nutrition on the run or on the road
  • Helps fight free radicals with high concentration of antioxidants
  • Helps balances all body functions – is100% alkaline
  • Helps improve skin, hair, nails, bones and eye health
  • Helps build healthy blood, cell tissue and muscle
  • Helps improve mood
  • Helps remove hunger
  • Raw food, great for vegans or those who hate greens
  • Safe nutrition for anyone of any age, from children to seniors **I was also informed today that it’s safe for pups!**

So there you have it! Something to note about ENERGYbits is that being that they are a really high quality product, their price tag can seem out of sorts, but compared to the low potency spirulina tabs you can buy at the store, they are well worth the money.

Also, by entering the coupon code “BLOG” into the coupon box you can save 10%!!!

Guys, putting the right thing in our bodies is one of the best things we can do for our sport, passion, and life in general. What could be better than fueling your life without caffeine, chemicals, sugar, gluten or soy?

Check them out- follow them on Twitter @ENERGYbits or on Facebook-ENERGYbits

Who ENERGYbits is for!

Who ENERGYbits are for!

*various photos borrowed from the ENERGYbits website*

Please note:  I received a sample of ENERGYbits to review on this blog- I was not compensated for the review.  All opinions are my own, as they should be 🙂