Year End What’s Up/ What’s Next

Well, 2014, it’s been real.

This year has been a huge tornado of firsts and changes. Sometimes, a few life path alterations keep us pointed in the same direction, but I have had so many this year that I truly feel like my life has started in on a new journey.

The year started off in an epic way- my first lifting meet! I flew down in January to Dallas Texas to meet up with some of the best people on the planet- other Rebels from Nerd Fitness. We met up at a Crossfit gym, and cheered each other on towards a mountain of PR’s. Hanging out with them was a highlight for me, and now that it’s almost a year later, I miss them all so much. Such good people.

Nerd Fitness Crew

In May my best friend and I did our very first Spartan race. It was one of the most challenging things I had done. The water was freezing, the obstacles were difficult, and the finish was epic. I’m thinking I might even shoot for more in 2015…


June brought one of the most epic things I have ever done, which led me to one of the most amazing communities ever. GORUCK. I participated in a Light, and now I have plans to get a challenge in 2015, and maybe a few more events? Hint hint, GORUCK, a scavenger in Colorado would be cool…  My reward to myself and a belated birthday present was Ziva, my GORUCK pack. Easily the most comfortable bag I’ve ever owned.

GORUCK Light Class 322

Most of my summer was spent hiking, 14ers in specific. There are quite a few that I still want to get to, and 2015 has their names written all over it. I’m really excited to get back out on the trails and to keep pushing my limits. I was trying to think of which summit was my favorite, but I don’t think I can nail it down to just one. Catching sunrise on Mount Sherman was amazing. Getting 3 out of 4 of The Quad was challenging and fun. Pikes Peak was an awesome hike and though it was long, it was gorgeous, with multiple different types of terrain. Evans’ summit was quick, and the way down was… trailblazing…

The Quad

In August I took a twist with my 5k adventures and started to Ruck them (ie, carrying weight in a pack, and instead of running I do a quick walk, like a shuffle, but more effective.) I had been shooting for 45 minutes or less with the weight, and at the Esprit de She I clocked in at 44:08!!! I was on fire and I felt amazing!

Esprit de She 2014

In the fall I started attending November Project on Wednesday mornings, before work. The workouts are killer, and though I’m the slowest person there, I never feel unwelcome, and I always get a good burn. Free fitness? Hello. I’ve even been given the positivity award twice, which is crazy because THEY are the ones who keep me positive!


I finished up the year taking a massive step towards a Life Quest goal of mine (Becoming a Search and Rescue K9 handler). This December, I completed my Wilderness First Aid certification. We spent 2 days in the mountains working through lessons and scenarios, and the scenarios specifically showed me that this is what I want to be doing.

Med Training Group

Unrelated to health and fitness, my life took another huge turn. In September, I felt like I was being called out of ministry. I had been working at my church full time for almost 8 years, and the thought of leaving my job scared me and made me sick to my stomach. But, God provided and showed me where he wanted me to go- and confidently I went. The change has been one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I know it was the right thing.

Related to health, I also started to see a chiropractor. I am feeling great, and I am hoping that the long term benefits to this are everything that I hope they will be. My Chiro showed us our X-rays and walked us through all the different aspects to them; I feel sort of like an expert on my spine! All the areas where it Zigs instead of Zags directly relate to issues that I have physically and emotionally. It’s amazing.

Upcoming for 2015:

1. More Spartan! I’m thinking a Super?

2. More GORUCK! A challenge in June for my birthday!

3. More November Project! Ya’ll good?

4. More 14ers! Bierstad, Quandary, Democrat…

5. More safety! I’m applying for my church’s safety team!

6. More lifting! I am determined to get my 500# club patch this year!

I’m preparing for a wild ride…


Race Bucket List

I totally stole this idea from Lindy over at Runderella. What a great idea! Like most things, I have this hodge podge list rumbling around in my head and what better than to get it all down “on paper” in one place!

Currently these are in no particular order, and I’m sure I will be adding to this list as times go on…

1. Chicago Marathon

I would love to run this race. I’m from the outskirts of Chicago, and I was most definitely NOT a runner while I lived there, so to be able to “go home” and have all of my friends and family see all the life change that has happened with me would be priceless. Also- train high, run low 🙂

2. Tinkerbell Half Marathon


This race falls right around the time of my anniversary. My hubby and I are both runners, but we only run one race a year together (the Bolder Boulder). It would be great to head out to Cali (I’ve only been once) and check out all the sites and run this one as a married couple. And how adorable is Tink?

3.  Maui Marathon

Not to have another wedding related race, but we took our honeymoon in Maui and fell in love with it (who wouldn’t?) We ran the Maui Oceanfront 10k while we were there, and we would both LOVE to go back and run again. To do a full there would be amazing…

4. Outer Banks Marathon

Ok this may sound silly, but my main reason for wanting to do this one is cause there’s a pirate flag on the main page. All the pictures are gorgeous and I’ve never been to the Carolinas before!Arrrrrrg!

5. Safari Park Half Marathon

I’ve heard some really great things about the San Diego Zoo and to run a half marathon there would be really cool!!! I don’t really need another reason…

6. Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon

The bacon lover in me would be amiss if I failed to mention this race. I don’t love Ohio, but I think that this race would be sooooo much fun! When pigs fly, yo!

7. Divas Half Marathon

Ladies. There are a ton of us, getting out there, getting fit. We seriously are built for this. I want to run this race feeling like a queen- the queen of my castle and of my body! AND you get a crown and roses. Hello.

8. Great Wall China Marathon

My husband sent this one to me today- it look like a wild time. And I’ve not been to China- so there’s that!

So that’s what I have for now! I think some Rock n Roll would be cool, maybe have a stab one day at getting fast and qualifying for Boston, and anything with a beautiful destination would all be great places to throw my money and pound some pavement!