Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge (2/25-4/8)


I am participating in the Nerd Fitness 6 week challenge that starts Monday!

Below are my goals for the 6 weeks and how I plan on getting there! Enjoy!


Goals (Feb 25 to Apr 8):

Fitness/Diet Quests:
1. Eating Well. Whole30 beginning February 25th. I need to heal up my body so that my race goes well and I am at my peak

2. Marathon Training. 2 Runs per week, one is the long run and at least one other training/shorter run. The marathon is the weekend after the challenge finishes!

3. Water. With all of the running I need to be hydrating better. Each day I will drink 100 oz of water. The score for this goal will be directly determined out of how much I drink percentage wise each day over the course of the month.

Life Quest:
4. Clutter. I will spring clean my house, one room per week. The 6 rooms will be garage, office, bedroom, kitchen, living room, and closets. With the hubby moving in we just piled everything in the house and called it good.


**If you need to level up your life, join us over at Nerd Fitness!!!**